Eyebrow Tweezers PRO

Tweezers for eyebrow styling
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The PRO series eyebrow tweezers with a beveled edge perfectly removes every, even the smallest, hair. A versatile tool that can be used in any area, is especially perfect for grooming and shaping eyebrows.


The tweezers are made in Switzerland using high-carbon steel, so they are great for disinfection in a dry heat sanitizer or solution, very strong and durable.


The size and shape of the eyebrow tweezers are carefully thought out. Therefore, the tool fits comfortably in the hand, does not slip, is not heavy, and thanks to the special sharpening technique, the beveled edges of the tweezers adjoin to each other perfectly, which eliminates the possibility of damage or breakage of the hairs.


Elegant black design in the signature SHIK style, is suitable for professional eyebrow masters and for home use.


How to use: use tweezers to remove the hairs in the desired area.


Result: perfectly groomed and shaped eyebrows.


Материал: высокоуглеродистая  сталь.

City Новосибирск
26 ноября 2020
Если ты бровист - то это лучшее для твоей работы! Очень удобный пинцет с идеальной заточкой!
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